Erotic Magnetic Poetry

The Always Secret

photo credit: etohaholic

Ever fancied yourself as a poetic lover, a partner who sings and praises their lover through the use of words alone? Then you need a set of Erotic Magnetic Poetry, designed to keep your fridge cool and your relationship hot!

Choose from a selection of sexy, sultry words that will help you communicate in ways that only words will allow, your desires and naughty thoughts. Leave them up on the fridge for your partner to find and then make sure you keep them in mind for later. Try writing a sexy poem between the 2 of you and see where it will lead you to.

These sets of erotic and adult fridge poetry words are designed for adults only and therefore a probably not ideal for people with children (who can read) or people who have a string of friends and family members who pop over all the time. Perhaps you could get a magnetic board and keep them in the bedroom. Make a menu or programme of events. Tease, please and convey your innermost thoughts with these sets of words.

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